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Some Heading

Writing the book was easy, and I thought I had done a good job of correcting most of the mistakes, until I submitted it for editing. Now I know why they use a red pen, all the mistakes look glaringly obvious when circled or underlined in red. I know we have to learn how to accept rejection, and I know there is no easy let-down. I found the words of encouragement at the end the letter, empty and hollow as I concentrated on the third rewrite. When the manuscript was first written, it flowed and made perfect sense to me. After reading the third edited version, I don’t recognize the story, and parts of it are now out of context. I spent weeks editing my writing before sending it to an editor, and I swear it was far superior to the last rewrite. The book is no longer easy to read, and too many words are not the Queens English, I need to find another editor.

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