A personal experience.

A rescued German Shepherd and her devoted owner.

After self-editing a short story with the help of tutorials and writing programs, I published the book. Several months later I had the manuscript line edited and formatted by a company on the web. I was unable to speak to anyone by phone and the questions and answers by email were slow. Every revision was detailed in an email, yet some parts were not changed. Another email pointing out their mistake, and please rectify ASAP. That happened four times, but each time it took a week to correct. They failed to format the eBook to Kindle specifications twice, and the paperback version was the unedited manuscript. Another email pointing out their mistake, and please format the final version. They informed me I was out of time for free revisions, and I would be charged. When I pointed out all of the delays were down to them, they sent a copy of the quote stating all free revisions must be made within 60 days. Using web based people I could not speak to doubled the quoted price and timescale to get the book on Amazon. In my haste to get the book edited, I failed to ask for references or check them out. That was a huge mistake, and one I will not repeat in a hurry.

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