A personal experience.

A rescued German Shepherd and her devoted owner.

I made a valiant attempt at self editing with the help of tutorials and writing programs over several months.  Now I was ready to get ‘The life and times of Gemma’ line edited and formated by a company on the web. After several attempts at getting spelling, grammer and the punctuations corrected, various layout problems needed resoloving. I was unable to speak to anyone by phone and the questions and answers by email took forever. I knew little about a book layout and nor did they, I spent days sending instructions backwards and forwards before it was resolved. Then it never matched the Kindle specs, so it was back to the drawing board. By now all the free revisions were used up and I had to pay extra charges, I was too near getting it on Amazon to move and start over, so I paid double the quoted price. Eventually I put it on Amazon, only to find I failed to do the spell checking in my hurry to get it live. If this sounds like you have heard it all too many times before, I am sure you are right. Tutorials are not the perfect answer, and the mistakes are all down to you.

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