Helping those in need.

It’s time we thanked everyone who generously donates to the millions of people in need every year. 2020 was a disaster for most people, however, if you were one of the lucky players who invested a few million in the stock market, or received a few million from the relief bill, you are doing fine. This pandemic has highlighted how the rich are getting richer every day, while tens of millions of ordinary people are now dependent on lining up for charitable handouts. The USA is still the greatest country in the world, but the land of opportunity is not working at the moment. Most small business owners are struggling to survive, while wealthy companies and organizations were given millions in aid. I watched a news clip the other day, stating a local council near the capitol of California had shuffled the odd $49 million to the police department. Apparently, the pile of money was budgeted for small businesses, but never got allocated. IF TRUE, we should be asking how can relief money go astray with no accountability, while people are not getting the financial help they are entitled to. The USA is still giving billions in aid to countries throughout the world, while millions of our citizens are lining up for a daily handout from charity. Most of them have paid taxes until they lost their jobs, surely they are entitled to a proper standard of living that covers all of their bills. 2021 won’t hold much cheer for millions of people short of the essentials to live a normal life, but if we continue to give as much as possible, it can help to ease their pain.

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