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A huge thank you to everyone who has browsed my Authors site and took the time to comment on my blogs. I am finding it hard to concentrate on writing now the sun is shining, every day I spend a few hours editing the first book of The Nene Queen trilogy. Then out into the garden to sooth the frazzled mind, over the past five years I have created a green oasis in our back yard. Tending the flowers and shrubs is a place where its possible to lose yourself in the peaceful surroundings, or sit watching the breeze run through the leafy canopy of the maple trees. I was raised on a farm in England and spent my early years working with my father, the slow idyllic pace of rural life is where I learned that patience has many benefits. The story line of The Nene Queen is based on those happy years I spent with my siblings and friends, and most of the adventures are true to form to some degree. Reliving my past is easier to write about than making up a fictional story, and I hope my readers enjoy the stroll down memory lane when the book is published.

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