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The life and times of Gemma

A touching memoir of a German Shepherd and her owner.

Bryan and Gemma in their garden

We rescued a long-haired German Shepherd and gave her a home with unconditional love and affection. Gemma instantly bonded with us and became my constant companion around our English country garden.¬†Words cannot convey the love that flows between you and your pet, they hold a special place in your heart that only a dog can fill. Gemma was happy and friendly around complete strangers, and loved children petting her. She spent 24 hours a day in our presence, and became part of my work, play and sleep routine. After¬†three years in the UK, she flew to her new home in America. Walking round the foothills and lakes of Northern California with her was an awesome experience, sadly, she was taken before her time. ‘The life and times of Gemma’ is a touching tribute to her charismatic life, and the profound impact she had on mine. From the minute we rescued her, Gemma left an imprint on my heart that will remain with me forever.