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About the author

Bryan was raised on a farm, before moving to the city to carve out a new career in electronic engineering. He set up a family run electronics company in 1984 manufacturing beauty equipment. In 1998 the successful Smart Peel microdermabrasion machine was designed and manufactured in their UK factory. Bryan spent the next 10 years travelling to trade shows around the UK, Europe, Asia and across the USA. After 30 years of running a successful business he retired to take up writing. He was passionate about recalling those fun filled adventures of growing up on a farm, and messing about on a derelict tugboat called The Nene Queen. But, running his business always took priority, and the stories remained untold for 25 years. He had completed two drafts of ‘The Nene Queen’ when they lost their German Shepherd Gemma. Totally devastated, he decided to share her journey through life with other pet lovers. ‘The life and times of Gemma,’ is a personal memoir of a rescue dog and her owners, the diary of events is a touching tribute to her charismatic life, and the profound impact she left on his life.