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Writing is the easy.

Editing is the key.

Once upon a time you started writing, and many chapters later you ended up with a manuscript you wanted to get published. Now, there are dozens of sites offering a tutorial on everything you need to know about writing, publishing and marketing your book to become the next best seller. Buy their tutorial to learn how a best selling author made the big time, just follow the formula and you could be on the ‘Best Seller’ list with your first book. Of course its possible for first time writers to hit the big time, and one in a million is still good odds for the thousands of first time writers eager to get their book published. With thousands of people wanting to write and publish a book, we are open to buying tutorials, programs and writing aids to achieve success at any price. I can speak with first hand experience of buying into the dream of becoming a writer, no matter how many times I read those tantalizing emails of how easy it is to get your first book published, the hype is beginning to wear a little thin after hitting so many stumbling blocks.

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