Writing is the easy part.

Editing is the key.

There was a time when you set out to write a book, and many chapters later you ended up with a manuscript ready for editing. Now, there are tutorials for everything you need to know about writing, editing, formatting, publishing, and marketing your book. Buy a tutorial to learn how a best selling author made the big time, just follow the formula and you could be on the ‘Best Seller’ list with your first book. Of course its possible for new writers to hit the big time, and one in a million is still good odds for the thousands of writers wanting to become authors. With so many people wanting to write and publish their first book, programs and tutorials are in demand to achieve success at any price. I can speak with first hand experience of buying into the self publishing dream, but are we paying good money to publish a book, or are we paying large amounts of money to satisfy our ego? 

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