Man’s best friend?

A loss too far.

All serious pet lovers have suffered the tragedy of losing their constant companion. You give them unconditional love and affection, and the bonding process begins. Each time you look into their loving eyes you freely give them your heart, although they return your affections, they hold onto your heart forever. ‘The life and times of Gemma,’ is a diary of events from the minute we rescued our beautiful girl, to the final chapter in her life. I wrote the story as a touching tribute to her charismatic character, and the profound impact she had on mine. Three years on and I was still struggling to control my emotions when discussing that traumatic event, and I could not look at another dog without drawing comparisons with Gemma. My wife Colleen showed me a video of a German Shepherd similar to Gemma at the Stockton rescue center, it was love at first sight, so we adopted her. It turns out she was an ex puppy mill dog, besides serious health issues, she was terrified of men and all dogs. For the first two months I was the only person she trusted, then she accepted my wife, but it took a further eight months to accept our son. During that time Josie has become a loving companion with a wonderful nature, although still frightened of most people and dogs in general, she is slowly making progress. We are blessed to have found another rescue that has become a huge part of our lives. Sometime you have to go the extra mile to achieve any success with a rescue dog,  but once the love and affection starts flowing it is heavenly.

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