Man’s best friend?

A loss too far.

All pet lovers have suffered the tragedy of losing their constant companion. You give them unconditional love and affection, and the bonding process begins. Each time you look into their loving eyes, you freely give them your heart. Although they return your affections, they hold on to your heart forever. ‘The life and times of Gemma’ is a diary of events we shared in England before flying to America. We spent three years exploring the foothills, lakes and mountains of Northern California before she lost her life to cancer. The story is a touching tribute to her charismatic character and the profound impact she had on my life. Three years on and I was still struggling to understand the loss, when my wife Colleen showed me a German Shepherd at the Stockton rescue center. It was love at first sight, so we instantly adopted her. The past year has been full of the love and affection a rescued dog brings into your life and home. Josie has a wonderful sweet nature, and she has become a huge part of our lives.

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