Nothing is easy for first time writers.

Too much advise is bad.

I never realized how much work was involved in getting ‘The life and times of Gemma’ ready for publishing. While many people have become an overnight success with their first book the self publishing route, and the odd one topped the best seller list. First time writers read those inspirational stories and believe there is a magic shortcut if you purchase a tutorial. There is a tutorial available to guide you through every stage of: writing, editing, formatting, publishing and marketing your book. Like thousands of would be writers I bought into the dream of becoming an author the self publishing route, and quickly found out the tutorials are not as simple as we are led to believe. Once the manuscript was ready for editing I purchased an editing tutorial to guide me through the first stage process. Although the tutorials are packed with solid advice, you still require a certain amount of knowledge just to do the basic things writers are supposed to know. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for sound knowledge and you cannot purchase success.      

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