Nothing is easy for first-time authors.

I am looking for a tutorial that will write and publish my Book?

Getting a book ready for publishing is a complex project that most first-time writers do not understand, and that is why there are so many sites selling advice and tutorials. Many authors have become successful by integrating some of the best tutorial information with their knowledge to reach the bestseller list. New writers love those inspirational stories, and many believe they can achieve success by purchasing a package of tutorials. Like thousands of first-time writers, I bought into the dream of becoming an author via the self-publishing route. I quickly found out that tutorials do not cover a fraction of the knowledge required to produce a manuscript already edited and formatted for Ebooks and printing. I purchased one of the self-editing tutorials to guide me through the first stages before having the book web edited. I chose online editing because it is considerably cheaper, and communicating by email would be straightforward.  I quickly encountered a problem and contacted the site, but two weeks to get a response was ridiculous. After several months of indifferent answers and rewriting their sloppy editing, I rushed the book into print with Kindle KDP. I only sold a few copies before pulling the book and completely revising it. There are dozens of sites claiming to have the best programs and tutorials to get your book into print, most are owner-operators who have a publishing track record, and quote how they learned from their mistakes so you don’t make the same ones. I selected two sites and purchased their tutorials to use their experience in writing, editing, designing, and formatting a book ready for printing.  There is one thing these entrepreneurs have in common, they are continuously updating the original information that was perfect when you purchased it. But the new version includes several bonus packages at discounted rates, and you need to purchase the latest version to achieve a successful book launch. I have followed several successful formulas, but I have yet to find a tutorial with all the answers.    

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