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Nothing is easy for first time writers.

Too much advise is bad.

I never realized it was so difficult to find the right vehicle to publish ‘The life and times of Gemma.’ While many people have become an overnight success with their first book the self publishing route, and the odd one has topped the best seller list. First time authors read the convincing stories of how easy it is to write and self publish their books, provided you purchase one of the many tutorials to guide you through every stage of the process. I bought into the dream of becoming an author the self publishing route, and quickly realized the task is not as simple as one is led to believe. They have convincing stories of ordinary writers hitting a six figure income, and you can buy the blueprint of every detail and how it was achieved. Everyone tends to sit up and listen to someone who achieved a six figure income from the sales of one of their books, and I was no exception. I am passionate about the writing and self publishing process, but, following the dozens of teaching programs and lectures seems to have blurred the guidelines I originally laid out. Now its back to the drawing board.

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