Nothing is easy for first time authors.

Too much advice is bad.

I never realized how much work was involved in getting my book ready for publishing. While many people have become an overnight success with their first book the self publishing route, and the odd one reached the best seller list. First time writers read those inspirational stories and believe there is a magical shortcut and purchase one of the many tutorials for:  writing, editing, formatting, publishing and marketing your book. Like thousands of first time writers I bought into the dream of becoming an author the self publishing route, and quickly found that tutorials do not cover a fraction of the knowledge required to succeed as a writer. I used a self editing tutorial to guide me through several stages before having it line edited and put onto Amazon. The feedback told me a good editor would have worked with me to understand every facet of my particular genre, before polishing the story to perfection. The difference between a book and a successful book is a qualified editor.

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